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Regardless the size or the segment, all companies are affected by their insertion in the globalized economy. Therefore, they are subject of all challenges and risks of the competitive market. The economic and technological evolution made the organizations susceptible to continuous processes of improvement and rationalization of their activities. Our advice is one of the ways to increase the profitability in the competitive markets through the application, in your company, of our knowledge in the accounting, taxes, labor and corporate fields.

Developed Activities

Human resources and labor services

• Elaboration of the payroll of the employees;
• Elaboration of the payroll of outsourcers, individuals and self-employed workers, except the calculation inherent to cooperative members, this task shall be performed, when necessary, by the hired Cooperative;
• Calculation and elaboration of the tax payment forms related to social security and FGTS (Length of Service Guarantee Fund);
• Calculation and elaboration of tax payment forms of the other taxes on salaries and outsourcing;
• Issuance of hollerits, except the calculation inherent to cooperative members;
• Elaboration and hand-in of the monthly Caged (electronic control of the entrance and the departure of employees);
• Elaboration of Rais (Annual Report for Social Information);
• Issuance of management reports;
• Technical and management analysis as well as the implementation of various labor and social security rules required by the current law,
• Guidance and control to apply the precepts of the Consolidated Labor Law, as well as those belonging to Social Security, PIS (Social Integration Program Tax), FGTS (Length of Service Guarantee Fund) and other ones applicable to labor relations.

Accounting Services 

• Monthly classification, accounting and conciliation of all the economic and financial transactions, in accordance to the rules, principles and law in force;
• Elaboration of the balance sheet and the general ledger in Brazilian GAAP;
• Analysis and study to achieve the best taxation (real or presumed profit, SIMPLES - Unified System for the Payment of Taxes and Contributions by Small Businesses);
• Elaboration and hand-in of the annual DIPJ (Corporate Income Tax);
• Limited technical analysis for investigation with the purpose to consider on the existence or not of evident violation of the Accounting Principles;
• Technical and management analysis as well as the application and the implementation of the various accounting and tax rules required by the law in force. 

Tax and fiscal services

• Calculation of the tax payment form of Federal, State and Municipality Taxes;
• Bookkeeping of tax books;
• Monthly calculation and hand-in of the Gia-ICMS (Form for Information and Calculation of ICMS);
• Calculation and hand-in of DCTF ( statement of federal contributions and taxes ), DIMOB ( statement of information and real estate activities ), DACON ( statement of social contribution payment ), including preparation and delivering the SPED ( accounting and fiscal digital files ) and SISCOSERV ( statement for international services rendered/hired ).
• Accomplishment of other requirements pursuant to normative acts, as well as to eventual proceedings of tax inspection in the various bodies of the Federal, State and Municipality Public Management;
• Issuance of management reports,
• Technical analysis as well as the application and implementation of various fiscal and tax rules required by the law in force.

Treasury/Cash Management services

• Tasks of getting and validation of the financial entries including payments, as well as the register, classification and processing of them in accordance to the company’s requirements and needs. Your company needs to define by written: (a) procedures and payment authorization limits; (b) format and periods of financial reports and cash flow;
• Check for the authorization for payment, the document fiscal validation and the withholding requirements of Income Tax (IRRF), Social Security Contribution (INSS) or any other contribution or tax;
• Preparation of the bank reconciliation and checks issuing and/or wire transfer letters;
• Preparation of the daily financial movement to be signed and authorized;
• Follow up of the outside payment execution and/or processing of payment through the internet banking system. Our services don’t include the billing, collecting and invoice issue.

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