Social Responsability

According to the Ethos Institute definition, Social Responsibility is a way to conduct the companys business in such a way that it becomes a partner and co-responsible for social development. The socially responsible company is one that has the ability to listen to the interests of different parts of society and manages to incorporate them in the planning of its activities. Social Responsibility focuses on the companys business chain and encompasses concerns with a larger audience (partners, employees, service providers, suppliers, customers, community, government and the environment). Ethics is the basis of Social Responsibility and is expressed through the principles and values ​​adopted by the organization. There is no Social Responsibility without business ethics. It is important to follow a line of coherence between action and discourse.

The practice shows that a Social Responsibility program only brings positive results to society and to the company, if it is carried out in an authentic way. The company needs to have the culture of social responsibility embodied in its thinking. Developing social programs only to publicize the company, or as a compensatory form, does not bring sustainable positive results over time

In this way, CONTABS sought to focus its social responsibility on poor or disadvantaged areas. In this sense, it currently maintains a voluntary program of assistance to BENEMERITE SOCIETY OF CARE ASSISTANCE "GIRASSOL", located in São Paulo to Rua Pero Correia, 162, whose purpose is the physical, spiritual and educational assistance to children and adolescents. It currently serves 32 children, ranging in age from 06 months to 03 years.

If this initiative arouses your interest, we are accrediting companies or individuals who want to collaborate with the Institution. Browse our office, or send us an e-mail:


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